Savannah’s Hope would like to share that we are thinking and praying for you all during these troubling times. First and foremost we want to let you know we will get through this! The Lord has his hand upon us and will see us through.

If you are in need of cloth masks, please let us know: or call or text 515-724.8294

We have some available to give out to you at no cost. Please contact us to put in your request, please include the following: Your name, address, phone number; also include how many cloth masks you need and if you have a preference for pleated masks or Olson masks and we will do our best to get you what you need.

We are still very committed to helping families as before. Our program Savannah Shares & Savannah Cares will most likely NOT be making our May delivery but we have plans of delivery as soon as we are given permission. If you are a volunteer or one who contributes to our donations please continue to sew or collect things as you are able! Let’s use all this extra time to continue to help others!