I want to thank Savannah's Hope for the gene tote I have received today while with my son in the NICU at Mercy Hospital. Thank you for the donation my husband and I appreciated it so very much.

Heidi & Anthony Merrill
October 18, 2015

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Thank you SO much for the bag that was in our little Trace's room in the NICU. Your mission is so great and uplifting! We are laying in our room doing word finds as I write this. We would be very happy to donate to your cause and bring joy to other parents as you brought it to us!! Thanks again!!

Seth Williams
August 27, 2016

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Thank you all so much for the care package tote. It was such a beautiful surprise and brightened our day so much. Your thoughtfulness will make things easier while our little one is in NICU. Keep up the good work

Darby & Mike Emrick
February 29, 2016

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We really just wanted to say thank you so much from the jean bags. This is Bryceonna second bag that she has received during her different stays in pediatrics and PICU at Mercy Hospital. She really loves the jean bags. What you are doing for these children is so awesome and you are greatly appreciated!

Ieshia Evans
August 7, 2018

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Thank you for the Gene tote I was sorry to hear what happened I and many others appreciate the things that you are doing to help people in similar situations it is truly a blessing prayers to you and everyone else.

James Button III
June 17, 2017

While having a lil one in the hospital we were surprised by a bag full of goodies. Totally made our lil ones's day and warmed our hearts. Thank you so much!

Jacob Benek
April 5, 2018

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